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Weddingbreak provides a wealth of resources, tips, advice, tools and other information to help you have your dream wedding regardless of your budget. We enable couples:

  • Organize a wedding within a specific budget

  • Connect with the right vendors even if budget isn’t a constraint

  • Build a working idea for their weddings by providing them with videos, blogs, community forums, real-time chats etc to help along their plans

  • Access saving information for different wedding themes.

  • Leverage our passionate position in their service, to enjoy a fulfilling day by all standards.

​​Weddingbreak doesn’t only focus on the wedding day. We take a full approach to the occasion and understand the number of engagements that swallow cost prior to and after the wedding day. We thus provide additional information that allows you save during engagement parties, rehearsal dinner, proposals, bachelor parties, honeymoons and more.

 It’s your day after all and so, we ensure to have you at the center of the process. Your input also matters. To enjoy practical and beneficial information on saving ideas as well as get tips sent to your email every month, please sign up below to our email newsletter. You will also receive updates on our planned website launch and upcoming mobile app launch.

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There’s no better time to make merry as nuptials provide. It’s an assembly of families and friends, a celebration of love and faith, even for the faithless and cynical. Your wedding day should be fun all the way, but the financial weight is often a factor that threatens to rain on most couple’s parade. We know this, because I and my wife Rinie almost got our fun derailed by cost considerations when we married two years ago. This is why we started to help potential couples enjoy their special day without getting drowned in cost.
Before our wedding, while seeking for best deals and savings options for our big day, we found a dearth of sufficient and practical information. We thus embarked on our own research, reading books and consulting vendors. It took us a grueling one year but yay!!!, it paid off. We were able to save on our wedding and honeymoon. Unfortunately, we’ve seen many couples postpone their wedding or even cancel it, this shouldn’t be. Weddingbreak is thus a site that attempts to fill that gaping hole for right information that helps couples save, while still having a special wedding event.​

December 19, 2018

Sounds weird to rent a wedding dress for your Big Day?

Here are 5 Reasons Why you should rent.

1. Lower Cost

If you have a lower budget and want to save on your wedding, then renting is a wise choice.

Average price for a wedding dress is 1100 and it can go up to 5000 to 10k depending on the

Dress you choose. Buying is Costly and you would be left with a wedding dress in your 

Closet. You still have to pay for alteration and you migh...

February 8, 2018

If you love everything about being in love with your partner, probably, you cannot wait to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a unique way. Chocolates, reds, pinks, flowers, and romantic messages are just a few things you will love about Valentine’s Day. Sure, even minor or the smallest detail can tug the strings of your heart.

If you are planning a wedding, then our advice to you is that you should consider making this day an even m...

March 17, 2017


I was in your same postion two years ago. Nervous but excited planning a wedding.

Right away I started thinking about saving for our wedding. My fiance didn't have much money saved. We were worried we had to postpone our wedding. Luckily we didn't give up and started a budgeting plan. We saved 20 percent of our income every month. How did we do it. I got a whiteboard and wrote how much we should save every month. I setup an au...

February 11, 2017

  You must be excited !  Many thoughts are running through your head.  This was the case when we got married. We were in Paris and my fiancé proposed to me on the Eiffel tower. I never expected it, but I was very happy and also very shocked. I am sure that is  how you feel now. You are not sure what the next step is. All you are thinking, is to have a fairytale dreamy wedding.  This was also my case, I knew what I wanted and n...

February 3, 2017

Look around the web, can you find some bargains that would help break your wedding costs even a little bit. It will be hard to find some. When we got married, I couldn't believe how much we had to spend just to get 100 people at our wedding. Yikes, I thought wedding was supposed to be joyful. Why should you worry about the costs. Nowadays you almost have to be rich or have parents that have a hefty saving just to arrange a mid...

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