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5 Reasons Why You Should Rent For Your Big Day

December 19, 2018

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She said Yes!!! Find out how to Save now!

February 11, 2017

  You must be excited !  Many thoughts are running through your head.  This was the case when we got married. We were in Paris and my fiancé proposed to me on the Eiffel tower. I never expected it, but I was very happy and also very shocked. I am sure that is  how you feel now. You are not sure what the next step is. All you are thinking, is to have a fairytale dreamy wedding.  This was also my case, I knew what I wanted and nothing was going to stop me.  At this moment everyone is calling you and leaving many comments on your social networking sites. Everyone you know asks : When is the wedding day? 



 But next comes the worry about the costs. Do you actually know how much money you would need to make your dreamy wedding a reality. Look at the rundown of the costs. Make a realistic budget and plan ahead. 






First find out how much your Venue will cost. Venues have lower prices on weekdays and winter. Once you have finalized your venue choices, you should be ready to make appointments to see them. Its better to go to the meeting prepared with your budget and total guest count. This way the wedding coordinator can give you a realistic figure of the costs. Average Venue is $16107 for100 guests. Please observe the average breakdown below, you will be amazed how much an average wedding can cost you.


According to cost of wedding website , the average wedding cost can go as high 

as $26,645 , however couples spend $33,306. This also varies with location and number of guests that are invited to your wedding.


Average wedding Cost By Category







An average wedding is almost 30k. This does not include the wedding shower and other costs. Imagine if you could even save 10% on this amount by signing up for free. We will help you save 



So you ask why am I scaring you about the costs. Because those are the actual costs, but don't worry we can help you fine tune your needs so your costs are low. We created this site to take the money worry out of your wedding. We will hold your hand and be your financial helper. Not only will we give you all the tips of show you how to save, but we will also provide you with a list of Vendors that can work with your budget and never go over your budget. We will do all the searching and talking so you don't have to.


Below are some saving tips that we found


Saving Tip #1


Keep a low guest count


Have a low guest count and only invite family, friends, and close relatives. Don't invite to have a big wedding. More guests would mean a bigger wedding cost. With higher guest count, you are adding more cost for food, venue space, cake, and center-pieces. Do you really need to have lots of guests at your wedding or do you want to have you dreamy intimate cost effective wedding? You decide.


Saving Tip #2


Do you really need a big cake?


You don't need a 4 tiered cake for 100 guest. Opt for a smaller but beautiful cake. If you wish to go big and save, you can find new and upcoming bakeries that provide you with  a big discount. Usually bakeries that dont only specialize in weddings, can provide you with a bigger discount. here is one click


Saving Tip #3


Choose Budget Savy Bridal Gowns


Buy your bridal gown online or try low cost bridal shops such as


Saving Tip #4


Find a budget friendly Venue


Have you considered celebrating your wedding in your backyard or home. If you choose to use rental spaces, opt for spaces that is budget friendly, but can be transformed into something spectacular. You can find this kind of venues here 


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