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December 19, 2018

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How to plan your own Wedding and Save

March 17, 2017



I was in your same postion two years ago. Nervous but excited planning a wedding.

Right away I started thinking about saving for our wedding. My fiance didn't have much money saved. We were worried we had to postpone our wedding. Luckily we didn't give up and started a budgeting plan. We saved 20 percent of our income every month. How did we do it. I got a whiteboard and wrote how much we should save every month. I setup an automatic withdrawal from my bank to my savings which equaled 20 percent. I wrote our goal  amount on the whiteboard and calculated how many months it would take to reach my goal. You should do the same. You can get a whiteboard usually at Target. The next step was doing thorough research. First we visited Vendor websites using yelp and google and researched keyword average wedding cost. We thought we could get away with 20k wedding. However later we found out that with our choices we had to spend 70k. We came up with a plan to cut our costs.


Plan early and research each Vendor like your life depended on it. 


What did we do? We first made a list of all the vendors that we wanted to visit. We actually bought a wedding planner book at Target. The planner listed what you needed for your wedding and what the costs were associated with that particular vendor. This helped us tremendously. A word of advice, do your due diligence and be very well prepared before you visit any vendors. I think the most important thing to have, is a clear vision of your end goal for your wedding. Have your color scheme and theme prepared. Vendors tend to work when you show that you are fully prepared and are serious. When we first started scavenging for vendors, we used the wedding websites to look for the categories of vendors required. Then we used this a website  to get the average cost of a wedding. After all the research helped us get  a rough idea of how much each vendor would cost us. Try to plan early and make appointment with each vendor. Some vendors are hard to get through , you just have to continue contacting them. Never act desperate just have patience. Some vendors converse through email and you get most of your questions answered before visiting them. There is always talk of budget. I know some vendors don't like low-budget clients. You can just ignore those vendors they are not worth your time. When you visit a vendor make sure you ask them the following. How long have you been in business? Tell them how you found them and why they would be essential for your wedding. Also mention if they could work with your budget. Start with a medium budget and tell the vendor how you would love their services but you cannot afford what they are offering. Usually vendors are willing to lower their prices to keep you as a customer, but not to the extend of tarnishing their name. Remember their reputation is also important. If you are aiming for dirt cheap wedding you would be better of doing everything yourself . You could buy your flowers wholesale in downtown Los Angeles  or online flowers. Buy very cheap wedding gown. Create your own invitation. Have a family member cater for you. Buy the food and hire a guy to deliver. Utilize a backyard or a relatives house for the venue. There is a great website to help you organize a $2000



For more tips of how to plan and organize a wedding on your own and save




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