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December 19, 2018

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How to Plan a Romantic Valentine's Day Wedding and Save

February 8, 2018

If you love everything about being in love with your partner, probably, you cannot wait to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a unique way. Chocolates, reds, pinks, flowers, and romantic messages are just a few things you will love about Valentine’s Day. Sure, even minor or the smallest detail can tug the strings of your heart.


If you are planning a wedding, then our advice to you is that you should consider making this day an even more memorable one with a Valentine’s Day romantic themed wedding. You will want to keep it simple, classy, and elegant, and the best way to achieve this is to work with wedding reception decorators who can give you some great ideas and tips!


Here are some tips on how you can plan a grand, romantic wedding.


Create a Budget

When it comes to #Valentine’sDay wedding, you can have many options for the decor. A tip here for you is creating a budget and make sure that you follow it well. You should make the most of the pre-valentine’s day sales and look out for the best bargains to keep your big day on a budget. Starting from cut-price champagne, to perfumes, chocolates, gifts for your bridesmaids, flowers, there are plenty things you can tick off from your wedding to-buy list. If your grand wedding is on Valentine’s Day, you can also have some red balloons and flowers as an additional display.


Secure a Venue

You need to find the right venue for a Valentine’s Day wedding way before time because it could be difficult for you to find a suitable space. You can ask event decorators such as Let’s Celebrate Events to help you with a catering ballroom, hall, or you can search around with them for a wedding reception or a church if you wish to have a religious wedding ceremony. You should also keep an eye open for special Valentine’s Day’s offers on some venues, which can prove to be an ideal way for you to save some money.


If you plan to have a small, casual wedding, you can also consider a restaurant as the venue for your Valentine’s Day wedding. However, if you plan to have Valentine’s Day wedding on a short notice, you can consider holding it at a family member’s home or a close family friend. Another option for a short notice wedding on Valentine’s Day is to get married in a local marriage bureau or local city.


If you want to have a Valentine’s Day group wedding, you can check with some local venues, such as municipal sites, hotels, ski resorts to see where you can hold the event.

Color Inspiration

Valentine’s Day is a day that is synonymous with red and pink. Depending on your preference, and style, you can consider these traditional hues or go for something unexpected. You can also choose classic white or black palette that subtly hints pink and red in the favors, floral décor of the wedding day dresses. You can even have red satin ribbons around the white cake tiers! To add the color hues, you can also go for some contrast, you can think some deep crimson, paired with metallic accents, or ballet slipper pinks.

Some Mood Lighting

You can use the lighting to set the perfect mood. During the beautifully moving wedding ceremony, you can capture your love in the soft bistro romantic lighting while you exchange your wedding vows. On the border of the dance floor, you can have glowing LED lights and keep the focus on dancing and the music. Of course, nothing else says romance like having a unique candlelit dinner, and this will surely make the silky linen on the table shine even brighter. You can go for flower-draped elegant candelabras, and create a better contemporary vibe with the floating tea candles all around, in narrow hurricane vases.

The Wedding Cake

Keep in mind that deciding on the wedding cake is a major part of the wedding planning fun and the best part of any wedding. You should not forget to incorporate your wedding style and theme ideas into the wedding cake. If you have a traditional buttercream white icing cake or a fondant cake with fruit preservatives and fresh strawberries, you can also add some red accent to your grand day. You can ask your event planners to add some fresh pink and some red flowers to the outer side of the cake for some pop of color. 


If you want a wedding cake that stands out more, you can go for a deep chocolate one, with white and red flower petals cascading down the cake tiers. This type of a cake helps to bring all the Ah’s and ooo’s that you want!


There you have it! Here’s all you need to know how you can plan Valentine’s Day themed wedding. Simply use this information and you can add some twist on your own to make it your day! Fix an appointment with the best event decorators in your area and get ready to have a spectacular wedding!

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