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5 Reasons Why You Should Rent For Your Big Day

December 19, 2018

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5 Reasons Why You Should Rent For Your Big Day

December 19, 2018





Sounds weird to rent a wedding dress for your Big Day?


Here are 5 Reasons Why you should rent.



1. Lower Cost


If you have a lower budget and want to save on your wedding, then renting is a wise choice.

Average price for a wedding dress is 1100 and it can go up to 5000 to 10k depending on the

Dress you choose. Buying is Costly and you would be left with a wedding dress in your 

Closet. You still have to pay for alteration and you might go over budget and have worries.

You can slash the price of your wedding dress by 80% if you rent. You can get rentals

For as low as $100 dollars. 


2. Wear a designer of Your Choice without Paying Hefty prices


Renting will give you the benefit of wearing a designer of your choice without spending 

5K to 10k. You could rent as low as $ 100 and have it shipped at additional $ 29 dollars.


3. Additional Benefits With Renting


When you rent the rental companies provide you with the shoes and accessories as part

Of the rental. This can help you save even more on your wedding costs.


4. No need to Clean


Cleaning is standard on rentals. Considering wedding dress dry cleaning can be an additional $200.


5. No need to preserve


You don’t need to spend money and closet space to preserve your dress that you will never use.

You might sell it but you might not gain a profit and it might take you a while to sell.



Where to Rent Wedding Dress


Browning Mangolia :


You can easily sort their extensive library of more than 700 pre-owned wedding dresses. Sort by size, designer, fabric, or rental price. You just pay $40 to have the garment shipped to you to try on in the privacy of your own home. You can more dresses to try on for an additional $29 each. Once you get the shipment you'll have five days to try them on and think it over. Find one you like?



Rent A Runway


You can rent dresses clothing and wedding essentials and accessories fro this site. They have

A 99$ unlimited trial month




Post share gives you many choices to rent for your big day


Affordable wedding dress Alternatives

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